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About Snap N Easy by Sally Moscola

Snap N Easy was created after the inventor, Sally Moscola, realized a problem with storing and easily finding make up pencils that frequently got lost and hid in her make up bag. It was after this realization that Sally discovered a solution that she testifies came from The Lord.  After pondering the problem and thinking of all the ways she got frustrated when digging around for eye-liners and lip liners.


Sally was given in her mind the image of the old cap gun rounds used in toy pistols used by children and suddenly realized that pencils such as lip liners and brow liners could clip or snap into place around the edges of a similarly shaped accessory.


Snap N Easy was created and works seamlessly as an integral part of the most extensive make up collection.  Why lose and hunt for pencils that often cost anywhere from 99 cents to $15 each. While many beauty enthusiasts could live with losing a 99 cent liner, those quality $10 pencils will be best kept in one place - together. The Snap N Easy answers a few problems with managing beauty accessories - managing collections of accessories so the best stay together and the less quality ones can be grouped in a separate Snap N Easy.


While the Snap N Easy is simple in design and use, the benefits it serves go well beyond eye liner management and accessory storage.  Sally also realized before conceptualizing the Snap N Easy that she would often get frustrated and stressed searching.  On thinking more about the problem she realized the dangers associated with continued stress and frustration, especially since early morning stress can often set the mood for the morning if not the whole day.  If not the morning maybe theres a special function or event.  Being pressed for time is one problem, couple that with having to search and find accessories and a nightmare begins to develop when annoyance kicks in. Annoyance leads to internal stress and this leads to vocal frustration. Although the stress associated with finding pencils, brow-liners and lip-liners is short term, all stress is dangerous and small bursts of stress frequently over time can be equally damaging to the mind and body. 


This is why Snap N Easy was designed primarily as a beauty accessory and secondary as an accessory that can reduce small bursts of stress and frustration by making it simple to keep thin, hard to grab items together in an easy to identify, easy to grab accessory that over time will become the must have accessory for every beauty professional and every person using lip liners, eye-brow liners etc. 



Snap N Easy can hold up to 8 pencils by easily snapping them into the slots around the cylinder.




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